99% Certain

I took part in a 48 hour sci fi film competition back in 2014. We had to write, shoot and edit a 5 minute short science fiction all within 48 hours and incorporate elements from a given brief as part of the rules. These elements included a prop or action, line of dialogue, title and optional theme.

The filmio/ite was shot on the Canon C300 using Sigma lenses and the whole film was carried out on a budget of just £500.

I also composed the film’s ambient soundtrack.

In From The Side (2022)

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In 2019 I directed, shot, co-wrote, edited, scored and co-produced a Feature Film entitled 'In From The Side' about...

‘SCRUM’ – Event Promo

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I directed and shot an event promo video for a fundraiser night for my new rugby club - 'South London...

Snowball Fight

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I shot some high frame rate footage of a staged snowball fight with my Arri Alexa over the holidays...

Winterville Fairground

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Using my Arri Alexa Mini, I visited the Winterville Fairground in Clapham Common with Russell for an hour to shoot...

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