Matt Carter

I’m a freelance Visual Effects artist and have been involved in this field since my teens before studying Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. I’ve been involved in a number of sectors from Film, Broadcast/Television, Commercials, Corporate, Retail Graphics, Virtual Reality, Projection Installations, and Theatre effects. I’ve worked on shows for BBC, Hulu, Channel 4, National Geographic, PBS, History Channel and a number of commercial clients. I’ve also worked in the camera department for a number of TV shows and documentaries and am a freelance Arri Alexa operator and cinematographer.

Coming from a general creative background as an independent film director, photographer and musician, I try to bring these creative sensibilities to my work so it stands out visually, aesthetically and technically.

I grew up between Bournemouth and the French Alps and am a keen Skier and Rugby player. I’m highly passionate about every aspect of the filmmaking and creative process.

I’ve been involved in live-action films for over 15 years. My second feature film ‘In From The Side’ is currently in post-production for which I acted as both the Director, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Editor and Original Score Composer. I’ve also shot a number of short projects and commercially commissioned work.
I’ve been passionately involved in photography and lighting since the age of 13, when I purchased my first Canon digital SLR camera. I’ve since moved onto shooting 35mm film as my preferred medium for artistic work and have been shooting on film for 9 years, having also experimented with Polaroid and medium format. I’ve acquired a fair amount of lighting equipment over the years that I use regularly for studio shoots.
For the last 13 years, I’ve worked primarily as a Visual Effects Artist, Lead TD/3D Generalist and Nuke Compositor. I use Maya for 3D work and have extensive technical and programming/scripting knowledge, Over the years I’ve accrued a large number of scripts and tools for extended functionality that I’ve created for various projects and the creation of unique and custom effects for clients.
I’ve been musical from a very young age, playing both Piano to a high level and Guitar proficiently, with formal training in music theory. I’ve taken on commercial composition and recording jobs and have scored both my two feature films and short film projects. I have a home Pro-Tools recording and mixing suite, with many orchestral and synth instrument libraries and effects plugins that provide a large acoustic pallet to work with.