France, Summer 2011 – 35mm Photography

Having purchased my first 35mm film camera, the Praktica MTL5 B for £16 (bargain) with a 50mm 1.8 vintage Zeiss lens, bag, flash, cable shutter release amongst a few other useful add-ons, I tried it out in the French Alps when visiting my family. I used mostly Kodak Professional BW400CN Black and White Negative Film, a monochrome film that can be developed with the standard colour C41 process at most highstreet developers cheaply and easily. It has a slight green hue to it when developed and scanned which is quite interesting. This coupled with the vintage lenses on the Praktica made for some nice unique results.

The camera has no electronic parts (or working parts anyway), so exposure had to be worked out manually (I didn’t have a light meter at the time) and focus done by eye.

I also shot through a reel of colour film to test out the camera and got a few nice shots.

Nina Photoshoot

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Shooting both on 35mm colour and monochrome film, alongside digital, I carried out a publicity photo-shoot for the band Nina.  Majority...

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