Dallas Space Museum Installation

Whilst at Prime Focus we were commissioned by the Dallas Space Museum to create a 16K-resolution, 9 minute seamless (no cuts) film travelling that would be displayed on a panoramic array of 32 HD LCD Monitors.

The film would take the audience on a journey through the solar system, stopping off at several planets and eventually track out to the entire milky way. Due to the vast empty spaces between each stop point, I created a transitional graphical style that would blend seamlessly between each photo real vista.

Working in such high resolution with such a specific delivery requirement was a massive technical challenge, both in terms of rendering and creating textures and assets that would hold up at this resolution. I had to create a suite of propriety tools in Maya and Nuke to allow our team of artists to work freely and focus on the creative aspects of the project rather than wrangling the data and camera setups.

Television Centre

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I worked on a number of marketing films and graphics for the Television Centre redevelopment scheme in White City. This mostly...

Yianis Group – Portfolio Film

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I created a property portfolio for Yianis Group. The project involved pre visualising and planning a multi-location helicopter shoot,...

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