Hawking – Merging Black Holes

Whilst working for Darlow Smithson Productions at Endemol, I carried out the graphics for a feature length biopic on Stephen Hawking for Channel 4. Part of this involved visualising the mathematics and concept of merging black holes.

I created a number of scripts in Maya to draw out large numbers of curves with handwritten appearanced in a 3D to create the effect of the equations and diagrams being written in space.

It was additionally challenging, as the diagram that I was to base the graphic on, had a copyright that was owned by a separate publishing company and we were unable to depict it. So, having a fairly decent knowledge of physics, I was tasked to design an alternate diagram to visualise this concept accurately in line with the mathematics, a daunting task knowing Stephen Hawking himself would need to sign it off and would be watching the final film. Thankfully he approved my alternate rendition as an accurate  representation to his original diagram and the mathematics.

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