IB – LED Panel Content

I was commissioned to create seasonal themed branded video content for the Island Beverley shopping centre in Hong Kong that would be displayed across several LED screens of varying shapes, sizes and resolutions covering the front of the shopping centre. The challenge was to create concepts that could be carried out with a relatively quick turnaround time and that would also make use of the various screen spatial positions relative to one another. The content subject matter would need to flow from one screen seamlessly onto another to create a striking effect when standing in front of the shopping centre or when entering or exiting. The content also had visual restrictions due to being on the main road, therefore it could not feature anything that might be deemed overly distracting to road users by the local council.

The content would also need to stay roughly within the IB brand and appeal to the target audience, yet explore fresh visual aesthetics to keep it feeling fresh and current in the thriving dynamic Hong Kong shopping scene.

Due to the varying resolutions, sizes and visible display areas of each panel, this project was an interesting technical challenge to work closely with the client to determine the best delivery specifications.

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