In From The Side (2022)

In 2019 I directed, shot, co-wrote, edited, scored and co-produced a Feature Film entitled ‘In From The Side’ about a forbidden love story set in a gay and inclusive rugby club. The film was released in over 100 cinema venues in the United Kingdom, as well as acquiring cinema releases in a number of other countries. The film was a huge success with audiences, film festivals and critics.


The film is out on Blu-Ray and DVD and can be downloaded and watched in the UK.

It is currently out in cinemas in Israel.

The film will be released in US, South America, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg early in the new year 2023.

The film will be out in France & Spain mid 2023.

It will be available in all other territories very soon.

‘SCRUM’ – Event Promo

/Posted by: admin
I directed and shot an event promo video for a fundraiser night for my new rugby club - 'South London...

Snowball Fight

/Posted by: admin
I shot some high frame rate footage of a staged snowball fight with my Arri Alexa over the holidays...

Winterville Fairground

/Posted by: admin
Using my Arri Alexa Mini, I visited the Winterville Fairground in Clapham Common with Russell for an hour to shoot...

Jayson Bend: Queen And Country

/Posted by: admin
In 2012 I directed my first independent feature film Jayson Bend: Queen And Country, an LGBT Action/Comedy James Bond...

99% Certain

/Posted by: admin
I took part in a 48 hour sci fi film competition back in 2014. We had to write, shoot...

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